Our planet is under threat like never before. Temperatures are rising, rainfall patterns are shifting and sea ice cover is retreating. Oceans are acidifying, soils are degrading, aquifers are drying up and droughts and floods are now common – while exploitation and degradation of the earth’s remaining natural resources, habitats and biodiversity continues unabated.

Our planet is a complex system, and our persistent assault on both its health and vitality has now started to alter its very fundamentals. The evidence is clear; microplastics have been found in Antarctic ice for the first time. Canada’s last intact ice shelf has collapsed.

Australia has seen some of the worst bushfires in history and locusts have swarmed Asia and the Middle East threatening food security and the livelihoods of millions of people. We have lost our balance with nature. And so – how can we restore it? How can we create a future in which both people and nature can thrive? We must make nature our ally, and look to be restore the rich and biodiverse world we inherited.

Source : Financial Times & Reuters


The Rize Environmental Impact 100 UCITS ETF (LIFE) seeks to invest in the 100 most innovative and impactful companies that potentially stand to benefit from developing and applying solutions that address the world’s most pressing climatic and environmental challenges. This includes leaders and innovators across clean water, EVs, renewables and hydrogen, energy efficiency, waste and the circular economy and nature-based solutions. LIFE has been designed to address the six environmental objectives set out in the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities:

  1. Climate Change Mitigation;
  2. Climate Change Adaptation;
  3. The Sustainable Use and Protection of Water and Marine Resources;
  4. The Transition to A Circular Economy;
  5. Pollution Prevention and Control; and
  6. The Protection and Restoration of Biodiversity and Ecosystems.

LIFE seeks to provide investment results that correspond generally to the price and yield performance, before fees and expenses, of the Foxberry SMS Environmental Impact 100 Index.

LIFE is purpose-built in collaboration with Sustainable Market Strategies®, an independent ESG intelligence firm based in Montreal, Canada, and leverages their unique insights and proprietary classification system of companies that are aligned with the environmental objectives set out in the EU Taxonomy for Sustainable Activities.

Find below some details of the LIFE ETF (as of 30/07/2021)

Regional Allocation 

Sectorial Allocation

Market Cap Allocation (Bn USD)

Performances compared to Peers (in USD)

– 100 basis point – as of 30/07/2021

*Index in Net Return (dividends reinvested)
N.B : LIFE ETF has been launched on 14/07/2021, due to lack of data, the underlying Index is used.
Source: Rize ETF, Bloomberg, Financial Times, Reuters
*Ongoing Charge Figure (OCF) is the estimated annual cost of owning an ETF.**Full replication refers to the situation in which an ETF tracks its benchmark by holding all or a portion of all the underlying securities that make up that benchmark.***An accumulating ETF is an exchange traded fund that automatically invests your dividends for you. Instead of issuing you the dividends, the fund manager reinvests your dividends into the fund.


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