Resilience of Toys Market in 2020 and 2021

The toy industry was particularly resilient in 2020-2021 despite health restrictions (quarantines t and closures of non-essential stores).  In Europe, the Leader is the UK toys market with a combined turnover of 3.3 billion Pounds (4th top world toys markets) with sales increased 5% in 2020%.

The second European market is France (5th top world), the market down 1.5% in 2020 despite a sharp drop of 2.2% in the last quarter (Christmas) representing 55% of sales. The sector recorded a strong negative volume effect with a decrease in volumes of 8% but a positive price effect with an average price increase of 7% from 16.74 (e) to 17.83 (e).

Despite this decline, the sector is resilient notably thanks to e-commerce sales. Online sales jumped 27% representing 32% of total sales (+6 pp compared to 2019). Made in France Toys sales account for 14.4% of annual sales.

Best sellers of sales

2020 Growth

Puzzles +10%
Board Games +10%
Juniors Electronics +7%
Dolls +27%
plasticine and sculpture +7%
Educational games +4%


In 2021, the toy market grew 17% between February and March amid an uncertain situation. The closure of cultural venues (cinemas, etc.) and schools supported the market. The e-commerce sales up 31% as many merchant, toys makers have enhanced their Supply and items available on Internet.

Best sellers of sales

2021 Q1 Growth

Puzzles & Board Games +28%
Construction games +36%
Stuffed toys +22%
Outdoor toys +22%


However, the new restrictive measures on non-essential businesses have strongly affected again physical sales. Sales during the Easter period represent around 15% of the annual total. Notably for the category of outdoor games generally motor during the spring period.

Top of sales by Franchises in 2021 Q1

  • 1) Pokemon
  • 2) Harry Potter/ Fantastics Beasts
  • 3) Lego Technic
  • 4) Lego Harry Potter
  • 5) Nintendo

World biggest toys makers :  Lego, Namco Bandai, Tomy, Nintendo, Hasbro, Ravensburger, Mattel, Vtech , Jakks Pacific


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