Financial Authorities Declarations

  • Flash News !

-The National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration announced the 4th batch of metal release from national reserves scheduled for October soon.  30 000 tonnes of Copper, 70 000 tonnes of Aluminum and 50 000 tonnes of Zinc will be released to eligible manufacturers.

-Bank of China announced planning to boost credit support for green projects in 2021-2020 period providing at least 1 Trillion Yuan of funds.

  • The CSRC approved IPO !

The China Securities Regulatory Commission. (CSRC) approved IPO on the Shanghai STAR market of Siglent Technologies CO., Ltd., Assure Tech (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. and Aohua Endoscopy Co., Ltd.

  • New data on Debts, External Debts and External financial activities !
  Jan-Aug 2021 Units
Local Gvt Bonds issuance 4.88 Trillion Yuan
-Special bond issuance 2.78 Trillion Yuan
-General Bonds Issuance 2,1 Trillion Yuan
Average Term 11 years
Average interest rate 3,39% per annun
Outstanding of Local Gvt Debts 28.47 Trillion Yuan
Official Limit 33.28 Trillion Yuan


The State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) released data on the external debt outstanding denominated both in Yuan or in Foreign Currencies.

All major external debt indicators were within the internationally recognized thresholds, and China’s external debt risk is under control” the State Administration of Foreign Exchange said.

  At the end of 2021 H1 Units % of Total
Outstandin of Extrenal Debt 17.3119 Trillion Yuan /
  By term  
Medium Long Term debts 7.5707 Trillion Yuan 44%
Short run debts 9.7412 Trillion Yuan 56%
General Gvt debts 2.7486 Trillion Yuan 16%
Banks debts 8.1084 Trillion Yuan 47%
Balance of loans 3.0696 Trillion Yuan 18%
Currency and deposits 3.9773 Trillion Yuan 23%


  At the end of 2021 H1  
External financial assets 9.0278 Trillion USD
reserves assets 3.3459 Trillion USD
direct investment assets 2.462 Trillion USD
External Liabilities 7.0418 Trillion USD
Of Banking sector  
External Financial Assets 1.5415 Trillion USD
External Liabilities 1.6487 Trillion USD


SAFE also issued data on external portfolio investment assets held by resident at the end of 2020.

  2020 Units % of Total
External Portfolio investment 899.9 Billion USD /
  Held by  
Non-Financial sector 354.3 Billion USD 39%
Non-Financial institution 354.1 Billion USD 39%
Banks 191.5 Billion USD 21%
In Equity 604.3 Billion USD 67%
In Bonds 295.5 Billion USD 33%


  • PMI data highlights contraction of Industry
  September 2021 Units
Manufacturing PMI 49.6 50 point basis
— growth -0.5 pp mom
High-Tec PMI 54 50 point basis
Non-Manufacturing PMI 53,2 50 point basis
— growth +5.7 pp mom
Services PMI 52.4 50 point basis
— growth +7.2 pp mom


PMI contraction are explained by electricity cuts for energy intensive industry. These electricity cuts are mainly due to the energy mix of China still mainly based on coal. Despite that the country produce about 90% of its coal consumption the remaining 10% are imported and subjected to strong prices hikes in international markets. The marginal cost for power generation is then increasing as more electricity are asked by industry.

In addition, the recent adjustments of law urge industries to significantly reduce their consumption as a part of the green transition program and Carbon emissions reduction policy.


Central Bank Operations and declarations

Date Operations Maturity Amount Interest rate
September 27 Reverse Repo 14-days 100 Billion Yuan 2.35%
September 28 Reverse Repo 14-days 100 Billion Yuan 2.35%
September 29 Reverse Repo 14-days 100 Billion Yuan 2.35%


The People’s Bank of China conducted the 9th Central Bank Bills Swap operation in Hong Kong issuing 5 Billion Yuan at a 0.1% fixed interest rate due on December 29.


  • PBOC and CBIRC tighter on Real Estate sector loans

The People’s Bank of China (PBOC) and the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC) urged financial institution to cooperate with authorities to maintain stability of property market. The PBOC added that the main objective is to protect the rights and interests of consumers.

The PBOC reaffirmed its main leitmotiv “houses are for living in, not for speculation” while urging banks to better channel credit flow to in need sectors like manufacturing, private sector and SME.  Authorities will carefully monitoring the full implementation of the 300 billion yuan of special central bank lending dedicated to support SME.

  • PBOC optimistic for Green Finance development !

The PBOC note that green finance development play a key role in economic transformation indicating that the green loans surged +26.5% yoy to 14 Trillion Yuan at the end of 2021 Q2. In the first eight months of 2021, the country issuance of green bonds up 152% compare to 2020 reaching 350 Billion Yuan at the end of August (including 180 Billion Yuan of carbon-neutral bonds).

Government Declarations

  • To liberalization of Services Trade !

The Ministry of Commerce (MOC) declared considering a new shorter negative list for cross-border services trade in the Free-Trade Zones (FTZ) in a move to promote liberalization of trade in services.

“China will make continuous efforts to promote the level of opening-up, advance institutional innovation and strive to build FTZs with global influences”, said CHEN Hong a MOC official.

Data Published

  H1 2021 Units
Current Account Surplus 795 Billion Yuan
Financial Account  excuding Reserves 183.5 Billion Yuan
Assets Reserves 549.3 Billion Yuan
Capital and Financial Accounts -366 Billion Yuan


Sources : Ministry of Finance, People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, National Bureau of Statistics, Ministry of Commerce, Ministry of Finance, General Administration of Customs, State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission




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